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The world's first decentralized, encrypted, and privacy-focused cloud storage app.

Take back control over your digital cloud privacy.


No Compromise Privacy and Security.


End-to-end Encrypted

Haven uses AES 256, a protocol used by financial institutes, military branches, intelligence agencies and governments to store your files securely on our servers. We do not store decryption keys, meaning the only way to decrypt the data is your Master Password.

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Privacy First

Your files, photos and videos belong to you. We offer a zero tolerance and zero knowledge policy. That means that neither Haven nor any other institute or organization can view your files. Haven does not track you or collect unnecessary permissions. 

Decentralized Network


Files aren't stored on centralized data centers. Instead, they're encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed on a global network. This makes data breaches a thing of the past and protects your data from malicious attacks.


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Looking for Maximum Privacy?

1. Do not use your real name as your account username. Psuedonames protect your real identity online and make it harder to link data back to you.

2. Use email-forwarding services to conceal your real email address on our service. This removes any chance of tying your account back to other services you've signed up for using the same email.

3. Remove metadata from your files, photos and videos before uploading to our encrypted servers. You can do this via third party services, or using our Premium features.

4. Haven's Developer Team are privacy-enthusiasts. We recommend for more tips on staying safe online, including other privacy-focused providers, browsers, software and services.

Privacy Haven. Guaranteed.

As a privacy-focused software company, Haven's Developer Team recommends the following steps to maximize your privacy while using our services.


End-to-End Encryption

Decentralized Storage

Zero Device Tracking

No Data Collection

No Unnecessary Permissions

Local Downloads

Unlimited Sort Tags


$0 /mo

1GB Storage


50GB Storage

+ Everything in Free Tier

Save 25% by opting into a yearly plan.


$3 /mo

Billed $36 yearly

$4 /mo

Pay monthly. Cancel anytime.

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